Zen Garden Experience: A Digital Makeover with Impressive Results

Zen Garden, Kenya
Restaurant, WordPress
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The Challenge

Zen Garden, an exquisite venue in Kenya, was looking for a way to effectively showcase its three restaurant areas, venue facilities, and events. Despite having an existing online presence, they were struggling to generate traffic and leads, which affected their overall visibility and bookings. Zen Garden needed a partner that could not only revamp their website but also provide ongoing support with graphic design, email marketing campaigns, and more. They approached Liquid Bubble, a digital agency with expertise in the UK and Kenya markets, for a comprehensive solution.

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The Solution

Liquid Bubble’s team took on the challenge with a clear plan. After a thorough analysis of Zen Garden’s existing website and market position, they proposed a complete redesign using WordPress. They focused on enhancing the user experience (UX) and web design to make the site visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The new website was developed using the latest WordPress and PHP technologies, making it efficient and secure. Liquid Bubble also provided ongoing support, including regular graphic design for posters, flyers, and email marketing campaigns, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand image.

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The Result

The revamped WordPress website proved to be a game-changer for Zen Garden. It not only showcased their restaurant areas, venue facilities, and events but also significantly improved their online visibility. The new site saw an increase in traffic and lead generation through organic results, ultimately leading to higher bookings and overall success. Some notable results include:

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Key Achievements

Improved user experience and site navigation
Enhanced brand image and consistency across all marketing materials
Increased organic traffic and lead generation
Higher booking rates for restaurant areas and event spaces


Liquid Bubble's expertise in UX, web design, WordPress development, and ongoing support has greatly contributed to Zen Garden's digital transformation. The new website and marketing materials have not only showcased the venue's unique offerings but have also increased visibility and bookings, demonstrating the power of a well-executed digital strategy. Zen Garden's success story highlights the importance of partnering with a skilled digital agency like Liquid Bubble to achieve tangible results in today's competitive market.