Subati Group: A Decade of Digital Transformation and Growth

Subati Group, Kenya
WordPress – B2B Solutions – Consulting
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The Challenge

Subati Group, a renowned grower and exporter of high-quality roses, required a reliable digital agency to create and maintain their website, reflecting their exceptional brand and commitment to customer service. They needed a solution that would not only adapt to design trends and data insights but also incorporate innovative features to cater to their B2B clients' needs.

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The Solution

Liquid Bubble has been working with Subati Group for over ten years, building and maintaining a WordPress website that showcases their exceptional roses and services. By continuously refreshing the site’s design and incorporating Google Analytics data insights, Liquid Bubble ensures that the website remains relevant and effective.

Most recently, Liquid Bubble introduced a new B2B feature, allowing prospects to add products to a quotation cart, which is then sent to Subati Group for estimation. This feature streamlines the quoting process for clients and enhances overall user experience.

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The Result

Subati Group's website, developed and maintained by Liquid Bubble, has achieved impressive results over the years:

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Key Achievements

Strong organic growth, increasing online visibility
Continuous improvement in user experience (UX) based on design trends and data insights
Implementation of an online brochure tool to showcase their products effectively
Introduction of a B2B quote builder tool, streamlining the estimation process for clients
High organic rankings, boosting the brand’s reputation in the flower industry


The decade-long partnership between Subati Group and Liquid Bubble demonstrates the power of a strong, ongoing relationship with a skilled digital agency. By continuously improving the website and introducing innovative features, Liquid Bubble has significantly contributed to Subati Group's online success. This case study highlights the value of investing in a reliable digital partner for long-term growth and innovation.