Goodlife Pharmacy: A Digital Transformation Journey


The Challenge

Goodlife Pharmacy, a leading pharmaceutical retailer, approached Liquid Bubble with a challenge to transform their e-commerce presence. They wanted a website that provided a seamless user experience, real-time product updates, and a robust delivery system.

responsive website development for good life in kenya

The Solution

Liquid Bubble’s digital consultancy team provided a range of services to Goodlife Pharmacy, including:

Consultancy: Providing a short-term and long-term digital strategy, including an MVP to test the market and an agile plan for growth.

UX Design: Creating a website with a user-centric design that met Goodlife’s specific requirements.

Bespoke Development: Developing a complex customisation that allowed all of the Goodlife stores to operate from a single website with real-time product, inventory, and offers available to the end client.

Woo Commerce Development: Building the website using Woo Commerce, a popular e-commerce platform.

Custom Integrations: Integrating delivery partners, automating the process from order to delivery, which enabled Goodlife to offer a 3-hour delivery within certain areas.

To achieve this, our team utilised several tech stacks, including Woo Commerce, PHP, and Java.

The Result

The project was a resounding success, with Goodlife Pharmacy experiencing a remarkable 20x growth in turnover in just 12 months. The project continues to evolve based on user data analysis, and we are confident that the online store will be a huge success.

Goodlife Tablet Mode Image

Key Achievements

Winner of Best Healthcare and Pharma E-Commerce Website for Good Life Pharmacy

Custom order routing technology

Secure and accountable payment on delivery process

Seamless last mile integration and reporting

20x growth in 12 months


Liquid Bubble’s digital consultancy and development services provided Goodlife Pharmacy with a transformative e-commerce solution, leading to significant growth and success for the company. We are proud to have played a part in Goodlife Pharmacy’s digital transformation journey, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.